Open house/Nigerian marketplace

Open house / Nigerian market place

Welcome to the Nigerian local this Saturday 21st 2018 @the Nigerian local, övre kaserngården 6 Göteborg

 Time: 10:00 to 15:00

Details of the open house program

Subscribe and get a table for 50 SEK to display your products where you can tell us more about them.

Subscription is ongoing till Saturday morning.

the open house will give us an opportunity to pass vital information to members of the Nigerian community

For subscription contact Tony on 0737881741 or email us at

For more details, visit our website or Facebook page  


More details about the marketplace

In 2015 NFKF then known as NFA had a project called the Nigerian marketplace and cultural values at the kanaltorg in central Göteborg. The project had helped us to reach out to the public and present our culture with a market setting where people interacted, showed products from our country and communicated with people from other part of the world who wanted to know about Nigeria.

The concept of Nigerian marketplace at our present lokal is expected to help us achieve similar goals as above, of showcasing our culture, promote integration of members of our community and communicating with people. It is also expected to help us grow the membership of NFKF and the community life of the Nigerian people in Gothenburg. The market place is going to be a very practical experience where we hope to learn new things and make it better every time it is organised