NFKF AGM holds on the 21st March 2020.

Time 16:00—18:00

Venue Nigerian Lokal, Övre Kaserngården 6, 41528 Göteborg

Matters at the Annual General Meeting

At the annual meeting, the following are treated and recorded

  • Election of the chairman and secretary of the AGM meeting.
  • Election of the minute’s adjuster/s.
  • Ask if the meeting has been called correctly.
  • Approval of the meeting’s agenda.
  • The board presents the annual report / annual accounts for the last fiscal / financial year.
  • The auditors’ report on the Board’s management during the last fiscal / financial year.
  • The discharge of the Board for the period audited.
  • Determination of membership and membership fees.
  • Determination of the activity plan and the financial plan for the coming fiscal / financial year.-
  • Treatment of the Board’s proposal and timely received motions from members.
  • Elections

(a) the president of the association

  1. b) Half the number of the board members for a term of one year;
  2. c) Auditors and deputy (deputies) for a period of one year. In this election he may not be a Board member;
  3. d) Members of the committee for a period of one year, one of whom shall be appointed Chairman;
  • refreshments 

Voting rights at the AGM

  • 4 The right to vote and freedom of speech and the right to make proposals at the annual meeting

To be eligible to vote at the annual meeting is required: That the member in the AGM meeting that year fills at least 12 years; that the membership has been granted at least two months before the annual meeting; and that membership fees have been paid two months before the annual meeting. Member who is not eligible to vote have freedom of speech and right to make proposals at the meeting.

NOTE1: At the AGM we shall have the opportunity to ask interested Nigerians to help out with the activities of the organisation.

Note2 As a standard we put out nomination and ackwoledgement forms for members who are interested in nominating people into the organisations’s voluntary work in this noble organisation. You can get the nomination and acknowledgement forms from our website under 

Nominations are to any of these:

The Board members

The alternate board members

The electoral commitee members

or click the links below for the forms: