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The Nigerian Family Kulturforening (NFKF) represents the Nigerian community in Västra Götaland, it started in Sweden as a non-profit organisation in 1987 by Nigerians living in Gothenburg and its environs to express, uphold and propagate the interest and cultural heritage of Nigeria in Sweden.

The organisation was known for many years as The Nigerian Family Association (NFA) but had the name changed to NFKF in 2015 to enable the organisation fulfill the name policy of the Swedish football organisation (SVFF).

NFKF is an organisation exclusively for developmental, socio-cultural, charitable and educational purposes. The organisation works to promote unity, solidarity and cooperation among Nigerians in Gothenburg as well as maintain and propagate the good image of Nigeria in Sweden.


  • To promote unity, solidarity, cohesion and cooperation among the people of Nigeria living in Sweden.
  • To unite all Nigerians in Gothenburg.
  • To maintain and propagate the good image of Nigeria in Sweden.
  • To affirm our common identity to provide a unique framework for our collective action in relations with the people of Sweden.
  • Help to safeguard accommodation and employment for incoming Nigerian immigrants.
  • Accelerate the political and socio-economic integration of our Country through the promotion of good governance, peace, security and stability.
  • Promote cooperation in all fields of human activity to raise living standards of the Nigerian people
  • To promote social activities such as sports, and cultural dances
  • To impart to our children, the Nigerian/Swedish cultures and history.
  • To offer practical orientation and advice to newly arriving Nigerians.
  • To promote cultural performances, exhibitions of dresses, foods and organizing a befitting Nigerian day at least once a year.

To achieve its objectives NFKF may undertake any and all actions or activities it shall deem appropriate within the framework of its constitution and its internal rules and regulations, including influencing legislature, cooperating with institutions and organizations of all kinds having the same purpose.

How we work: NFKF has the general house made up of paid members, leaders and the board, who are the custodian of the association. Within the organisation we have various work groups and committees that see to the day to day running of the administration of the association.

What we do: NFKF is a platform for Nigerians in Gothenburg to associate with other Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. We engage in different activities to help us achieve this purpose. Our activities centers on cultural, educational, promotion of gender equality social activities, sport activities, and advisory services for Nigerians in Gothenburg. NFKF plan to grow in its activities in the future.