NFKF Pensioners Club

Pensioner Club Inauguration

The fourth of May 2016 was the Inauguration day of the pensioners’ club under the auspice of the Nigerian Family KF (NFKF). The idea behind having a pensioners’ club came up when we identified in many of our discussions that we now have Nigerians living in Gothenburg and indeed västra Götaland region, who are pensioners and soon would-be pensioners. We believe that NFKF stands for all Nigerians both old and young and we intend to have all of them to be a part of the big Nigerian community in Gothenburg/ Vastra Gotaland. A gathering of our pensioners could also help to bring solace, activities and other important matters to our already growing seniors within the Nigerian community in Sweden.
About nine pensioners were written to inform them of the need to have a pensioners’ club within the NFKF; most of them responded that it is a welcome idea. In planning the inauguration NFKF decided to have an inaugural dinner for the pensioners and also invite leaders of the NFKF, the board members, leaders of the Yoruba union Gothenburg, leaders of the Ibo General Assembly Gothenburg, some other Nigerians and friends of Nigerians in Gothenburg.
The inauguration went successfully as the inauguration ceremony was conducted by Prince Utabor Otubor aka Macqueen, speeches and words of encouragements were given by some of the pensioner in attendance. Two pensioners in attendance, Chief Daniel Ogbonnaya as well as Mr Dafe Sylvester gave speeches and gave us a brief rundown of some differences when they came to Sweden as compared to today, they both encouraged the younger Nigerians to work hard, save for tomorrow and help to contribute to the development of the Nigerian community in Gothenburg