Its the Nigerian lokal hurray!!!

Its the Nigerian lokal hurray!!!
the nigerian community in gothenburg has a new lokal at …..övre kaserngåden 6 göteborg
the management of the nigerian union has begin to show the lokal to nigerian and ours friends.
Tomorrow is a public holiday in sweden and we will be there to welcome families, friend and nigerians who would like to see or have a tour of the lokal. Also we will have Debbie Mcintosh in the house to welcome our kids and young ones.
there will be games, some drinks and snacks for the kids
the lokal is open from 10:00 am
If you are working tomorrow and need a place to keep your kids Aunty Debbie is available to babysit for free tomorrow @ the lokal up till 18:00
Note: if you have to bring your kid please bring alog diapers, clothes, toys and blanket, incase they have to sleep.