Study Support (Läxhjälp)

Educational support for our members, school kids and those in need of some form of study support is ongoing in our organisation. Children of Nigerians living in Gothenburg have the opportunity to get some educational help from our tutors, these help is mostly centered on their school studies and areas they have problems in school. We have also been able to help young adults who are currently doing vocational studies and need help in subjects such as maths and English.

The Nigerian Family KF  has an ongoing maths lessons for those who need help with mathematics. The lessons is intended to help students with basic mathematics and also in areas they have problems in their school studies in maths. The effort is voluntary and targets youths and adults alike, especially young adults currently in school and need to pass mathematics in their effort to further their education.

The lesson holds every Saturday in Gothenburg at the vuxenskolan, örngatan 6, 41667 by Redbergplatsen. for more information or enquiries email us at