About us

The Nigerian Family Club was set up and registered in 1987 by a few Nigerians living in Gothenburg to express, uphold, propagate our interest, welfare and cultural heritage. The name was later changed to “The Nigerian Family Association” in 1994. Due to the growing number of members, coupled with the need for amendments, three different committees were set up to review the constitution.

These committees were given adequate terms of reference to deliberate before finally submitting their reports and recommendations to the Association.

On deliberation of these reports and recommendations by all members, it was unanimously agreed on that these with all the accepted amendments would henceforth serve as the guidelines of the Association.

The organisation was known for many years as The Nigerian Family Association (NFA) but had the name changed to The Nigerian Family Kulturförening (NFKF) in 2015 to enable the organisation fulfill the name policy of the Swedish football organisation (SVFF).

The constitution may be amended in properly convened meetings of all members.

The NFKF believes that all human beings are equal, and that as Nigerians in Sweden, we owe our children and ourselves the duty to uphold and ensure our dignity and self-respect as equals before the law.

We will, individually and collectively pursue our goal diligently within the Swedish legal system to the best of our ability and knowledge.

The NFKF has as its purpose to sporting activities, cultural activities, and educational activities, developmental activities social and charitable activities.